CERACAST® wear protection solutions reduce operating costs in mining applications by extending service life, reducing personnel costs and minimizing downtime.

Protective CERACAST® linings can be used to extend the lifetime of: chutes, hoppers, conveyors, fan housings, cyclones, piping, feeders Mining and mineral processing of quartz, coal, iron ore and precious metals, dedusting system separators slurry pipeline.

Extraction and milling

Wear protection linings for loading buckets, trucks and stationary and mobile conveyors. Linings for feeder chutes and housings.

Processing Plant

Protect the mills, chutes, hydrocyclones and sorters. CERACAST® products are used as robust linings for hydraulic conveyor lines to transport the slurry in the pumping.

Aluminium Industry

CERACAST® is modern refractory concepts for the aluminium industry use the advantage of shaped products and provide wear and abrasion solution for components, flooring or other surface exposed to molten alluminium.

Prefabricated components, used for the most varied of applications in aluminium smelting and holding furnaces, provide the highest standard of material quality and production process accuracy.

CERACAST® offers a comprehensive range a precast system including:

  • -   Door Frames
  • -   Ladles and Bottoms
  • -   Submerged Cones
  • -   Complete Furnaces
  • -   Furnace Ramps
  • -   Skimming Tools
  • -   Floor Tiles
  • -   Runners
  • -   Dossing Cup
  • -   Piping


The Cement industry has several demanding process areas where CERACAST® is well adopted. CERACAST® has standard products and prefab solutions with high resistance towards high wear and hot temperatures.

Different CERACAST® grades show very good performance against combinations of chemical attack and mechanical stress.

The use of CERACAST® materials' good design, could thus mean increased lifetime, less maintenance and reduced costs.


  • -   Vault brick
  • -   Nose Ring
  • -   Air Blasters
  • -   Lining Slabs
  • -   TAD

Hard facing solution for

  • -   Cement grinding raw meal
  • -   Coal separator
  • -   Outlet chute
  • -   Dust colleting cyclones
  • -   Pipes for dust collecting and cooling
  • -   Hopper
  • -   Fly ash

Power Plant

Wear and erosion are problems that reduce power plant availability, cause shutdown, and add to the cost of operation. Different areas in a plant can experience wear related problems. Moving raw coal and bottom ash can result in abrasion problems.
CERACAST® has the right wear protection solution for an improved abrasion resistance of machinery and feeding systems.

Cost saving solutions in the following equipment:

  • -   Bunkers
  • -   Channels
  • -   Chutes
  • -   Cyclones
  • -   Deviation hoods
  • -   Dust collecting ducts
  • -   Hoppers
  • -   Conveying hydraulic/pneumatic/mechanical
  • -   Pipes and pipe bends
  • -   Separators
  • -   Silos

Steel Plant

Wear is an unwanted effect of handling abrasive materials in steelworks processing lines. Wear cannot be avoided, but reliable wear protection, may prevent unscheduled repairs and preventing production downtime.

CERACAST® offers fast and efficient wear resistance solution for all plant components and production area.

CERACAST® installation is fast and realiable ,the repairs of existing ceramic linings inings are simple.

CERACAST® Wear Protection extends the lifetime and security of equipment in steel plants:

  • -   Blast furnace hoppers
  • -   Chutes
  • -   Crash decks
  • -   Dedusting cylones and ducts
  • -   EP ducts
  • -   Fan casing feed chutes
  • -   Granulation systems
  • -   Injection and manifold pipes
  • -   Material and Mill hoppers
  • -   Roll feeders
  • -   Sinter hoppers
  • -   Slurry pipes