Based on 'ultra packing particles properties' CERACAST® is a castable with superb physical and chemical charateristic, the addiction of nano components ensures a high degree of density and close the pores of the cement element.
CERACAST® castables is a range of extremely high strength compounds providing superior protection against moderate to severe wear - available as products, catering for process temperatures up to 1500˚C (2190˚F) respectively. CERACAST® show a unique combination of high wear resistance thermal resistance and mechanical.

Different formulation and aggregates, determine the properties for each grade. CERACAST® can easily be mixed, cast and shaped, differrent grades are available for different application system: casting, trowellable, selflowing, gunite.

Supplied as parts, CERACAST® is cast in a wide range of shapes and sizes with the finished products exhibiting exceptional dimensional stability.

Different grades can be used in within a wide range of temperatures and applications exposed to thermal shock conditions in industries like aluminum, cement and power plant, mining and other industrial areas with severe abrasion/erosion.

Aggregates Grades Properties
Silicon Carbide SYFLEX Thermal shock resistance
High strength
High heat conductivity
Bauxite A High strength
Medium heat conductivity
Bauxite - SiC ALSIC Thermal shock resistance
High strength
Medium heat conductivity
Fused Silica ZYFLEX Medium strength
Low heat conductivity
Low thermal expansion
Fused Allumina WFA High temperature application
High chemical resistance

Different aggregates determine product properties

CERACAST® is a family of castables

CERACAST® is a super strong castable with high mechanical strength and excellent wear resistant.

Unique heat resistant properties within temperatures up to 1200˚C

Easily mixed, shaped and installed

Reinforced and/or combined with other materials

Applied in situ

CERACAST® replace special rubber, fused basalt, special steel, ceramics, monolitics and Nitride and Oxide bonded SiC

CERACAST® is supplied as mortar and pre-fab application to cement, alluminium, ferro, mining and power industries

Aggregates Bauxite SiC SiC Fused Allumina Fused Silica Bauxite SiC
Max reccom. serv. temp.
1200 ˚C 1500 ˚C 1200 ˚C 1700 ˚C 1000 ˚C 1000 ˚C
Compr. Strength
At 500˚C (932˚F)
MPa (ASTM C 349)
200 140 180 160 110 200
At 500˚C (932˚F)
MPa(ASTM C 348)
23 32 20 20 6 16
Hot M.O.R.
At 1000˚C (1830˚F)
MPa (PRE/R18)
15 32 23 14 15 13
Wear resistance
mm (DIN 52108)
< 1 < 0.2 < 0.2 < 0.6 < 2.8 < 0.3